from Mornington Sanford Aviation. Robinson R44 helicopters are death traps, right up there with Mitsubishi MU-2s and Cirrus SR22s – at least that’s according to a lot of articles you read online. CALL HELI AIR ON +44 (0) 1789 470476 TO ORDER YOURS. Aircraft Helicopter Leasing Star Helicopters specializes in Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter leasing. R44/R22 AVAILABLE FOR RENT: We can provide you with different types of helicopters to meet your specified needs. Helicopter Hire Hire a helicopter and fly anywhere, anytime. This flight was unbelievable! 1997 | 500 hours | MEX. Company. The R22 is the most popular training helicopter in use in UK schools because of its low cost per flight hour, typically around £330. View 360 o Tour. Sydney Choppers is a newly established helicopter company based in Eastern Suburbs near the Sydney CBD. The average hourly rental rate of the Robinson R-22 Beta II is around 800 USD per hour. Having completed a PPL or CPL in another machine, Heli-Hire Limited can offer type rating flights in our R22. Robinson Helicopter Operating Cost Calculator Aircraft operating cost estimates. Robinson r22 beta 1 km Rolled over 1989 r22 beta no lower frame or skid damage approx 1200hr remanding on motor and will require bulk strip. R22 Rental (per hour) $280 . It is extremely capable and safe. 2020 OH, 2,200 hrs to run. Believing the number of accidents was the result of insufficient training and lax standards, Robinson established the Robinson Pilot Safety Course in 1982 to educate Certified Flight Instructors transitioning from larger helicopters to the new, smaller R22. Travel agencies (MICE) and tour operators. is a Robinson Helicopter dealer in South Africa, as well as offering various other helicopters for sale. All of our lease aircraft have been overhauled to Robinson Factory specifications and maintained to the highest FAA maintenance Standards. We are from Japan, we flew with PHS at the Rock. The R22 provides students with a reliable platform with which they learn the art of helicopter flight. We offer helicopter charter, helicopter filming & photography, helicopter game capture, helicopter game counts, helicopter tours, helicopter wedding flights and helicopter sales. Furthermore the numbers they provide are usually for a certain utilization level. Stuck in a jam? AS350-squirrel; Robinson R44; Robinson R22; Safety. Robinson R22. The two seat R22 has been produced since 1979. Our Profile ; Our Staff/Instructors; Our Fleet. A cost-effective platform for training and agriculture, as well as aerial photography and… read more. The latest version in the R-22 series helicopters, the R22 Beta II is fitted with more powerful Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carburetor-equipped engine that provides improved hot and high performance and allows take-off power to be maintained up to 7500ft (2,285m). Our helicopters are all in excellent condition and regularly maintained by our affiliate supplier, Heliflite, Australia's largest distributor of Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters. The ROBINSON R22 IFR TRAINER. The R-22 is the original helicopter from Robinson Helicopter. 1975 to present @ ... Treaty plant hire Limerick, Ireland : 3325: beta II: 2002 N70734: Robinson toward HB-ZEG - HB-ZEG: ex N70734 : 3747: beta II: 2004 N74365: Robinson Jan05: G-CDED: Heli Air Jan/Mar 2005 - G-CDED: Mar05-Dec12 . You will need an additional 20 Hours of flight time before you can instruct in the Robinson R22. Helicopter Hire. Name * First Name. Robinson R44 Clipper II, Raven I & Cadet. Self Fly hire € 325.00 + IVA* Robinson R44 (3 seats + pilot) Training € 655.00 + IVA* 30 minute Trial Lesson € 395.00 including IVA. Contact Us. One thing that has kept me from getting my license since that introduction flight in 2003 was the huge cost of helicopter rental. Robinson R44 Raven II; Cessna 210R Centurion; Robinson R22; Bell 206 Jet Ranger; About. FAA – SFAR 73 Requires 200 hours in helicopters and 50 hours in Robinson Helicopters to instruct in Robinson Helicopters. : 4036h - Engine T.S.O. Please contact Brian Kane for more details on +44 (0) 7831 762 500 or Initial Skill Test Helicopter – €350. We use cookies to provide the best experience on our site. Robinson R22 Helicopter – Enquire for Charters or Flight Training. Robinson R22 (1 seat + pilot) Training € 435.00 + IVA* 30 minute Trial Lesson € 235.00 including IVA. New paint & interior, dual controls, metalised upper sheave, rotor brake, RHC 1 yr limited part warranty, est completion mid 2021... View PDF. In the spirit of Richard Collins’s very popular “What’s wrong with Cirrus/Mooney/Bonanza pilots” series of articles, I’d like to offer a more nuanced perspective. Regarding Photo and Filmwork- We offer the R66 as the most affordable, smoothest, most stable, and safest option to offer the public as the smaller Robinson R22 is nervous and thus not stable enough for photography or filmwork in the sometimes very windy San Francisco Bay Area. AUD $395,000 + GST . We can source brand new Robinson Helicopters through a recognised Robinson dealer, with no extra cost to the buyer. If you have have a question regarding any of the helicopters or if you’d like to reserve one for hire, please contact us here Robinson R22 Helicopter Robinson R22 light utility helicopters are the latest Beta II … $16,600.00. New Robinson R22 Pricing & Delivery Information. The aircraft is in excellent condition inside and out and well maintained being a private aircraft.